Cycling experience around Southern Vancouver Island

Ride with me around southern Vancouver Island while I get into condition for a ride across southern BC next summer

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About Cycling Saoirse

Saoirse is Irish Gaelic for Freedom

I invite you to join me as I ride the various trails and roads of Southern Vancouver Island preparing for a planned ride across Southern BC next summer. Arguably the best area for year round cycling in Canada is the southern tip of Vancouver Island which has few “non cycling days” any time of the year. The back roads and trails views and vista are some of the best views one can find any where.
There are several reasons why I am planning to ride across the province next summer:
For too many years I travelled the route on my way to a job, passing many spots of interests mumbling “one day I will stop there” as a put the foot down a bit more on the throttle racing for the next job. When cycling any time is a good time to stop.
The exercise will do this 67 year old good.
A friend of mine left me enough to purchase the bike when she died and I now can complete one more of those “bucket list” items. Would have been nice if she could have accompained me on the ride as I showed her my version of Southern BC. (not being a cyclist she may not have come) As my tribute to her, she will be with me for every spin of the pedals as I train and for the ride across the province.
During my conditioning training and for the ride itself I plan to share not only my experiences but also some videos and photos of my experiences.


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